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The Web's smartest Schema markup API

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Semantic Marker is made for

SEO Professionals

You already know structured data is the future of Web and on-site SEO. Easily add detailed Schema markup to your customer's sites

Communication agencies & Web editors

Make your customer content easily understandable by search engines and optimized for Semantic SEO.


Find out about our cost effective solutions to quickly improve your online visibility.

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Increase your website visibility in SERPs and develop your online reputation to increase Customer conversion rates.
Free service for Local Businesses.

Boost yourwebsite ranking, avoid structured data penalties and take advantage of the latest developments to improve your Click-Through-Rate.

Automatically add structured data to your content with our API. Fully configurable, more than 2.2 millions entities managed, 197 selectable categories.




Pages marked with structured data rank better by an average of 4 positions *


Click-through Rate

Get up to 30% increase in Click-through rate with structured data markup **



Mobile and voice search are shaping the future of SEO, made of Structured Data

*   SearchMetrics study, March 2014

** WebNode/SearchEngineLand study, 2011

Performance & Accuracy

SemanticMarker disambiguates and identifies explicit and implicit entities from your web content: commercial products and product models, cultural events/artworks, news themes, people, companies, locations, events (...) and adds them structured data markup to help search engines better undestand your content.

  • Disambiguization through Wikipedia reference links
  • Parametrizable addition of ontologies
  • JSON-LD or Microdata format




Pricing depends on the type, volume and features you need to semantically mark up your content. Feel free to send an email to fred[at]semanticmarker[dot]com for a free cost estimate.

Free SemanticMarker licence

This licence allows you to use Semantic Marker with the following limitations: 5 analysis per day, free access to semantic markup API, markup limited to 30% of detected entities, no ontologies, no Google Analytics markup.

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